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1 June 20, 2019

Articles and Statements

1. Magda D. Davitashvili, Gela S. Azikuri
Complementation and Recombination Tests between Phage T4brii-1272 Mutant and Related Wild-Type Zonne Phages

European Journal of Molecular Biotechnology, 2019, 7(1): 3-7.
DOI: 10.13187/ejmb.2019.1.3CrossRef

The investigation is concerned with the detection of the rII region in the phages, related to T-even, by means of some complementation and recombination tests with deletion mutant of phage T4BrII-1272. The restoration of the damaged function and the recombinants were detected by planting the progeny of reference and mutant strains of bacteria. The analysis of the results obtained shows the ability of five phages out of the eight to restore the damaged function in deletion mutant of phage T4BrII-1272 (Zonne 2, Zonne 3 and Zonne 4 phages were not complement). The formation of recombinants was noted only with DDVI and Zonne 7 phages. The percentage of recombinants was 0.004 and 0.2 respectively.

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2. M. El Idrissi
Regioselectivite and Reactivity of the Pyridinein Nucleophilic Substitution Reaction: DFT Study

European Journal of Molecular Biotechnology, 2019, 7(1): 8-16.
DOI: 10.13187/ejmb.2019.1.8CrossRef

In this work, we theoretically studied the regioselectivity experimentally observed in the substitution reactions between pyridine and nucleophile (KOH, NaNH2 and EtMgX). This work was done using the DFT method at the B3LYP/6-31G (d) level. The analysis of the OMF, ESP and the reactivity indices derived from the DFT confirm the regioisomeric path of these reactions. The analysis of the energies of the products shows that these substitution reactions favor the regioselectivity, moreover we examined the pyridine like catalyst in the reaction alcylation, and our study shows that pyridine is a good catalyst for esterification reactions. The results obtained are in agreement with the experimental data.

URL: http://ejournal8.com/journals_n/1564059280.pdf
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3. Pavel А. Krylov, Nikita I. Stepanenko, Natalia A. Borozdina
Grouping of Proteins Comprised in the Lungs Proteome by Physico-Chemical and Functional Properties of Bos Taurus and Sus Scrofa

European Journal of Molecular Biotechnology, 2019, 7(1): 17-24.
DOI: 10.13187/ejmb.2019.1.17CrossRef

The article is concerned with lungs proteome analysis of live-stock animals (Bos Taurus and Sus scrofa) with further proteins grouping by their physico-chemical and functional properties. Primary information of proteins comprised in the lungs proteomes of Bos Taurus and Sus scrofa was obtained from the UniProt database, taking into account the functional properties received from Gene Ontology database. The analysis revealed several thousand annotated proteins used for further grouping: by the chemical nature of their prosthetic groups, their localization in relation to the cell and functional properties. Consequently, we found a predominance of phosphoproteins in the lungs proteome, exceeding by almost 2 and 10 times the number of proteins related to glycoproteins and lipoproteins, respectively. Protein analysis by their localization in relation to the cell reveals a predominance of membrane and intracellular proteins. Practically significant proteins were extracellular proteins. Maximum function diversity of proteins comprised in the lungs proteome was in Bos Taurus - 741, Sus scrofa – 379. Therefore, lungs proteins of Bos Taurus are more promising for the industrial production than Sus Scrofa’s ones. The obtained data can be used as a basis for the development or optimization of protein isolation methods for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries demands in future.

URL: http://ejournal8.com/journals_n/1564059326.pdf
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4. H.A. Shindy, M.A. El-Maghraby, M.M. Goma, N.A. Harb
Polynuclear Heterocyclic Monomethine and Trimethine Cyanine Dyes: Synthesis and Various Absorption Spectra Studies

European Journal of Molecular Biotechnology, 2019, 7(1): 25-39.
DOI: 10.13187/ejmb.2019.1.25CrossRef

New polynuclear heterocyclic compound namely 4-methyl-2-phenyl-benzo[(2,3-b)benzoxazine; (2', 3'-b')furo(3,2-d)pyrazole]-5,12-dione was designed, prepared and employed as starting material in the synthesis of new methine cyanine dyes, covering monomethine cyanine dyes (simple cyanine dyes) and trimethine cyanine dyes (carbocyanine dyes). The electronic visible absorption spectra of all the synthesized cyanine dyes were investigated in 95% ethanol solution to evaluate their spectral sensitization properties. The electronic visible absorption spectra for some selected dyes were examined in pure solvents having different polarities [Water (78.54), Dimethylformamide (36.70), Ethanol (24.3), Chloroform (4.806), Carbontetrachloride (2.238) and Dioxane (2.209)] and/or in aqueous universal buffer solutions owing varied pH values (1.99, 2.99, 4.30, 6.87, 7.96, 8.91, 10.55 and 12.04 units) to evaluate their solvatochromic and/or halochromic properties, respectively. Structural determination was carried out via elemental analysis, visible, mass, IR and 1HNMR spectroscopic data.

URL: http://ejournal8.com/journals_n/1564561796.pdf
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5. Valery G. Zaitsev, Regina Yu. Ivashchenko, Darya A. Kurkina, Anna S. Popova
Toward Human Health-Promoting Food Plants: Perspectives of Marker-Assisted Breeding of Anthocyanin-Rich Lettuce

European Journal of Molecular Biotechnology, 2019, 7(1): 40-46.
DOI: 10.13187/ejmb.2019.1.40CrossRef

Development and growing of plant cultivars with elevated content of health beneficial nutrients could improve the public human health. The aim of this study was to review the state of the art in use of molecular markers to produce anthocyanin-rich varieties of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.). Link between anthocyanins production and their proved effect on the health was discussed. Although anthocyanin-dependent red colour of lettuce has been used in breeding for years the metabolic markers are not high-quality for noted purpose. Use of molecular markers can improve results of the breeding. Known and perspective DNA-based molecular markers were shown in this mini-review.

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