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AuthorArticle titleYear, issueDownloadings count
1Oleg Mosin[Russia], Ignat Ignatov[Bulgaria]Basic Concepts of Magnetic Water Treatment2014, June3205
2Firas Rashad Al-Samarai[Iraq], Abdulkareem A. Al-Kazaz[Iraq]Molecular Markers: an Introduction and Applications2015, September3107
3Ignat Ignatov[Bulgaria], Oleg Mosin[Russia], Borislav Velikov[Bulgaria], Enrico Bauer[Switzerland], Georg Tyminski[Germany]Mountain Water as Main Longevity Factor in Research of Phenomenon of Longevity in Mountain Areas of Bulgaria2014, June2173
4Ramesh Singh Yadav[India], Swati Tyagi[India], Shaily Javeria[India], Raveesh Kumar Gangwar[India]Effect of Different Cultural Condition on the Growth of Fusarium moniliforme Causing Bakanae Disease2014, June1997
5Swati Tyagi[India], Ramesh Singh[India], Shaily Javeria[India]Effect of Climate Change on Plant-Microbe Interaction: An Overview2014, September1964
6Sajedeh Saeedfar[Iran], Marzieh Negahban[Iran], Mohammad Mahmoodi Soorestani[Iran]The Effect of Drought Stress on the Essential Oil Content and Some of the Biochemical Characteristics of Anise Hyssop (Agastache foeniculum [Pursh] Kuntze)2015, June1866
7Nurshat M. Gaifullin[Russia], Alexey V. Bachurin[Russia]Recombinant Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2 Stimulates the Remodeling Chitosan-Based Porous Scaffold Into Hyaline-like Cartilage: Study in Heterotopic Implantation2013, September1840
8Georgi Gluhchev[Bulgaria], Ignat Ignatov[Bulgaria], Stoil Karadzhov[Bulgaria], Georgi Miloshev[Bulgaria], Nikolay Ivanov[Bulgaria], Oleg Mosin[Russia]Electrochemically Activited Water: Biophysical and Biological Effects of Anolyte and Catholyte Types of Water2015, March1824
9Rabah Chadli[Algeria], Aman Bouzid[Algeria], Khadidja Bouzid[Algeria], Hamida Nader[Algeria]Bactericidal Effect of Aqueous Extracts of the Bark of the Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) on Bacteria2015, March1742
10Khadidja Bouzid[Algeria], Fouzia Toumi Benali[Algeria], Rabah Chadli[Algeria], Mohamed Bouzouina[Algeria], Aman Bouzid[Algeria], Amal Benchohra[Algeria], Mustapha Mahmoud Dif[Algeria]Extraction, Identification and Quantitative HPLC Analysis of Flavonoids From Fruit Extracts of Arbutus unedo L from Tiaret Area (Western Algeria)2014, December1717

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